How To Partition Your Hard Drive Painlessly


Back in October of last year, we briefly touched on hard drive partitioning with the post Why You Should Breakup a Hard Drive. Last week you learned how to put Windows 10 onto your PC now, while I promised to show you how to … Continue reading

7 Common PC Problems and What YOU Can Do

Is it plugged in

It’s been more than 20 years now that I’ve been fixing computers, and despite faster hardware and wonder software, they still don’t make coffee and I still find there’s number of hassles that just keep rearing their ugly heads. So in this … Continue reading

DIY Pest Removal


Before you toss out that PC that’s playing up or delegate it as your new official boat anchor, if it’s infected by computer viruses or malware, there’s a simple process you can do that 9 times out of 10 will … Continue reading

Do I Have a Computer Virus?


I hear you say, duh, I’ve just scanned my computer with an antivirus program and the answer is no! Wish I could give you the thumbs up, and say ‘awesome, no need to worry then, go back to bliss and … Continue reading

Why You Should Breakup a Hard Drive


If someone recommends breaking up something that’s working perfectly they’re likely of a vandalistic bent, mentally ill or both – we call them politicians. As I’m neither a Polli. or a vandal, and although repeatedly questioned, my sanity is reasonably … Continue reading