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Hi there. Did you stumble in, or did you follow a link? Before you go, please hold off for 30 seconds more while I briefly outline why you should stick around.

The business is called Itjive because it seems that there just is so much ‘jive’ in the industry it often leaves the uninitiated frustrated and exposed to rip offs. It’s my goal to cut through the ‘jive’.  Now that you’re still here, there are four things I want to emphasize that might cause you to stick around for just a little bit longer.

  • This is a honest place;
  • Where you can get excellent advice;
  • Where you’ll find real and experienced people who want to help; and
  • Where you’ll find useful free stuff with no stings attached.

PC sick, don’t know how to use it? Got a business, want to go digital, online and out there, but don’t know how? Need something specific, out of the box?

If it’s anything to do with computers, software, hardware and training or any graphic design project you need help with, simply ask, expertise, experience and honesty is guaranteed! Look around and see if there’s something here for you. At any rate, enjoy the free stuff!