7 Easy Internet Surfing Shortcuts

Want to know some cool shortcuts, make youronline-surfing internet browsing more enjoyable and get the computer to make you coffee? Below I’ve collected 7 easy shortcuts I know you’ll find helpful. You’ll get what you’ve been looking for without the coffee. Computers can make coffee but not your setup. I can rig a system up if you’re that addicted but lets move on.

I’ve taken the time also to check these shortcuts in all the common browsers so you’ll know what works for you without the otherwise inevitable frustration. The browsers tested in order of coolness were : Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. (The later not fifth in the cool list but last because I only tested 5 browsers!)

If you’re wondering why I recommend Google Chrome it’s simple – whether we like it or not Google owns the internet, Chrome is cross platform (works on different operating systems) conforms to internet coding rules and standards, is free, fast, and as such; is as cool as you can get in Nerdsville!

1. Oops didn’t mean to close that tab

If you accidentally closed a tab in your browser and want it back;  simply hit CTRL + SHIFT + T on the keyboard to restore it.  This shortcut works with the following browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Opera but not Safari. It also works with Internet Explorer but if you’ve been listening to my previous rants you wouldn’t know that or care because you’ve sensibly stopped using it already. Again at the risk of repetition, if you’re still using Internet Explorer; WHY???

2. To Copy a URL

If you ever want to copy an address or URL, like into an email or document; rather than using your mouse to navigate to the address bar and select it in the usual way, click CTRL +L then CTRL+C and you’re done. The URL will be in memory ready to be pasted elsewhere; which is easily done by CTRL+V. This works on all the browsers.

3. Clear Your Cache

Browsers are designed to ‘remember’ pages and display that. Sometimes their memory is out of date, what can you do? Well you clear the memory or cache as it’s called. If you suspect you’re getting an older version of what’s now there, simply type CTRL +SHIFT+ R to clear the cache. Works in Chrome and Firefox

4. Google Searches

To prevent Google searching on certain words type (then the word without the brackets) in the search box along with your search. You can excise more than one word at a time. Each word has to have the before it. This is search engine specific so doesn’t matter what browser you’re using.

5. Use Browser Shortcuts

Here’s some shortcuts that work on every browser mentioned above. Each browser will also have it’s own unique shortcuts that are also good to know.

  1. ALT + D takes you straight to the address bar.
  2. CTRL + + magnifies the content, CTRL+ reduces it and CTRL+0 resets it to default (Using the wheel on the mouse while holding down the CTRL key does a similar thing)
  3. BACKSPACE goes to last page you opened
  4. F5 will reload the page
  5. F11 will maximize the window full screen. Press F11 a second time to return to previous size.
  6. CTRL+F will open a search box on a page you are reading so you can search for a particular text.

6. Filling Out Forms

Rather than click into each field on a form, you can use the TAB key to move from one to the next. If you go too far ahead use SHIFT+TAB to cycle backwards through the fields. This works on desktop databases too.

7. Using the Calculator

Simply typing a calculation into the address bar like 4+4= and hitting enter will figure it out for you. Sadly Apple’s Safari can’t calculate like this. Guess that why their products seem so over priced.

Something Neat but Stupid

If you google “do a barrel roll” (without the quote marks) your page will, well, do a barrel roll. It’s a neat but rather pointless trick. A better one is to tilt the page. Best done when someone has briefly left their computer. Try searching “tilt”. (Both work in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers). Doesn’t work in Safari (because Apple is no fun) and doesn’t work in Internet Explorer (because it’s IE)

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