How to Watch the Latest Movies on Your TV Easily, Instantly and Legally

Am I just lazy or is it a hassle to visit the video store?  apple or googleWith finding parking, the enviable sifting through thousands of dodgy movies for something decent to watch and then find it scratched at the worst possible place, I’m kind of over it and would seriously consider watching a snail race as an credible alternative!

Enter the internet; again! It’s everywhere isn’t it? You’re probably used to downloading music by now, well movies are also available; perfectly legally.  You’ll pay a pittance to own it compared to purchasing it physically, and you’ll be able to stream it straight to your wall hanging monolith. Services like ITunes and Google Play provide all the latest movies in high definition (HD) for immediate download at amazing prices. Perhaps you already know that, but have ignored it because viewing Gravity on a 10″ tablet just doesn’t cut it. Well you don’t have to now.


Google’s Chromecast

Video streaming technology is now available for the home. Both Apple and Google currently sell a streaming device that will easily let you send movies wirelessly from your mobile or tablet straight to your TV.  Apple has the Apple TV (thank goodness they didn’t name it iTV or something annoyingly similar) for about $100 and Google peddle Chromecast for about $50. So which one is best?


Apple TV

Although I’m not a Jobs devotee, the Apple device is clearly a better choice suitably priced to prove it I guess.  Some say you get the Apple device if you have an iPad or iPhone and Chromecast if you have something else, but that’s nonsense as either will let you stream from almost anything. The reason the Apple TV is better is its 8Gb buffer makes the streaming way smoother. In other words the video you’re watching doesn’t pause at a crucial scene so the device can catch up. This is a bit of a problem with the Chromecast. Still you’re paying nearly double the price.

Both the Apple TV and the Chromecast are ridiculously easy to setup. Your biggest drama will be connecting it to your WIFI if you’ve forgotten your security key. In such a case get a nerd like me to find it for you or assign you a new one and you’ll be away.

With both devices you also might have to download a free app onto your tablet or phone to communicate with them but again it’s all pretty straight forward.


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