Cool Other Stuff You Can Do With Google

There’s some really cool stuff you can do in a Google search box; besides doing a boring search that is. Want to know more? In this blog I’ll show you the ones I like or I think you’ll like. There are more, but these are cool.

Compare foodshamburger vs pizza

If your conscience isn’t winning out as you drool over the fast food ad, Google it. For example say you’re trying to decide between a hamburger and a pizza; simply Google ‘hamburger vs pizza‘ and Google will help you decide.


Google can convert one number into another, for example say you know you traveled 121 km but how many miles is that? Type ‘121 kilometers to miles‘ and you’ll find out! Or maybe there’s a recipe that calls for 1.2 gallons of water, how many liters is that?  Just type ‘1.2 gallons to liters‘ and Google will tell you. (Actually if you’re using Google Chrome like I’ve been nagging you about, you’d only have to type ‘1.2 gallons‘ and the amount in liters will pop up under it!) By the way you can spell liters or litres, google doesn’t care.


Got a word you want translatedtranslate into just about any language, type the base language and the language to translate to like this ‘english to chinese‘ (use capitals where you should if you want – Google doesn’t care) and then fill in the box and Google will do the rest for you. It’s even going to give you the sound and Chinese characters just because it can.


Want to know when the sun is going to sunrise in nambourrise tomorrow, simply type ‘sun rise…‘ and Google will tell you.  If you guessed that typing ‘sun set…‘ will give you the time of the sun set, give yourself a pat on the back you’re getting the hang of this really quickly (Substitute ‘ ‘for your choice)

Weather forecast

Simply type the city and the word ‘forecast‘ and Google will even tell you what the weather will be like over the next few days!


Don’t have a timer handy, you can use Google Timeras an egg timer if you want. (which is a kind of cool concept if you ask me; having a billion dollar egg timer at your disposal that you don’t have to pay for). Simply enter into the search box the following; ‘set timer …‘. hit the start button and you’re away. When it’s counted down, it’ll send out an alarm. How cool is that!


By the way if you like reading and have a favorite author, get Google to find all their works by typing ‘books by…

Now if you think Bing is cool, let me tell you that apart from the ‘books by…’, ‘…forecast’ and the conversion feature Bing like so much of Microsoft just doesn’t play ball. I guess that why no self respecting geek uses that search engine. Bing’s one saving grace it that it works better than Yahoo with which none of the above works. So next time you think Google is just a search engine, remember it likes you and wants to make your life easier. If only it could make the coffee in the morning.

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