Accessing GOD MODE on your PC

Last week we got a a bit heavy withbillgates-smug the whole virus thing, so I thought we’d do something a bit different this week. There’s a cool trick and we’ll have a bit of fun too.

First for the cool trick: Windows has become a bit secretive. Newer versions tend to hide the various configurations and customization options under every nook and cranny, so it becomes a little like hide and seek when you’re looking to customize something. If like me you’re of the older, absent minded generation, by the time you find it you can’t remember why you’re looking for it the first place!  Here’s a super easy solution so you’ll never have to go looking for anything again and it works whether you’ve got windows xp, windows 8.1 or anything in between!


Making a folder via right clicking on the desktop

Make a folder; on your desktop if you wish. The easiest way to do this by right clicking the desktop, from the ‘New‘ menu item choose ‘Folder‘.

Usually immediately after doing this the name of the folder is now highlighted and you can rename it. (If not simply right click the folder and select ‘Rename‘ from the menu.  Now all you need to do is rename the folder exactly to the following:


Don’t worry about the name, you’re not getting divine powers, or blaspheming, it’s simply a programmers convention and this is a hidden feature in Windows put there by Microsoft.

Now click open the folder and there you’ll see around 270+ items giving you access to practically every imaginable configuration option in windows. Told you it was cool.


Some contents of the god mode folder (use Ctrl++ to enlarge)

We’ll that’s the instruction for this week, now for something completely different. Although it’s pretty cool what computers can actually do, have you ever noticed in the movies they seem to be way cooler, faster and super easier to operate? Hey it’s Hollywood!  Below are some gleanings you might find amusing.

  1. Movie word processors don’t have a cursor from where to type.
  2. No one seems to use the space-bar when typing long sentences.
  3. Likewise, no characters ever seem to make any typing mistakes!
  4. Characters seem to switch computers off without saving data and still don’t loose anything.
  5. Computer files can be remotely accessed on a computer that is off.
  6. Internet searches are always instant and useful despite some really stupid word choices to search on. Oh and on the subject of search engines, movies often portray super geeks using Microsoft Bing; as if!
  7. Computers don’t just crash or overload in the movies; their screens blow up, usually just before the building.
  8. All the most sophisticated high-end computers ageofthe geekhave these super easy to understand graphical interfaces (like on Jurasic Park).  Come on Apple and Microsoft what are you guys doing?
  9. When a computer doesn’t have a graphical interface, it has either a text based or voice activated interface that can both understand and execute commands in common English. Why isn’t Telstra using such a system for their call center?
  10. If a computer file is ‘heavily encrypted’ there’s always a genius nearby who can write an entire encryption breaking program in seconds!
  11. Hackers are so seriously cool that they can break into any computer on two or three tries.
  12. The hero can open the villain’s computer; which incredibly starts instantaneously and access anything because any passwords or encryption can be by-passed in seconds.
  13. In the movies if a character wants to upload a horrible virus to a computer, all he simply needs to do is type ‘Upload Virus’!
  14. In a similar vein, whereas here in the real world, Apples and PCs can’t really talk to each other, in the movies, all computers can connect with each other even if they’re from another galaxy! (E.g. Independence Day)
  15. Also here’s one for global connectivity; all computers are connected to each other on some kind of super network that leaves the internet for dead.
  16. When a computer does actually boot up in the movies it only takes 2 seconds. Even complex systems are up and running in 30 seconds instead of the half an hour it really takes.
  17. If you open a file and someone deletes it at its source it also disappears from your screen. (E.g. Clear and Present Danger).
  18. Computer software and disks work on all platforms and nobody ever has to download a patch or converter to open a file.
  19. Actors use computer screens that are incredibly bright that the image on the screen is projected onto their face.
  20. Computer geeks also know how to rig their million dollar home systems with C4 doped self destruct systems.  They always have to blow up a building to kill a computer when a hard drive extraction will suffice.
  21. Despite having data so important that all the bad guys want to kill the hero for it, nobody ever makes a copy, or if they do, they have to go to an expert hacker to make one.


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