Saving Yourself from Facebook Fraud – Part 2

facebook privacyFrom last week I’ll assume you’ve gotten a handle on some basic social media security measures. This week as promised we’ll look specifically into Facebook privacy to ensure it’s as secure as we need it to be. Don’t worry it’s easier than bringing mud into a mopped floor when the cleaner’s having a bad day.

First check out how others see your page; if the public already can’t see squat on your page and you like it that way, you’re off to a flying start.

accessing settingsClick on the ‘Settings‘ menu from the arrow at the top right. Along the left menu, now click ‘Timeline and Tagging‘. Under the section ‘Who can see things on my timeline?‘ click the ‘View As‘ item. You’ll now see your timeline as it appears to the public. You can get more specific if you want here and choose how your timeline looks to a specific person; there’s a link at the top of the page, but lets keep it simple. In the strictest settings; the public will only see your profile, cover photos and a link to contact you. That is not necessarily always a good thing either as it really depends on what your objectives are. To change these settings just click the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the items ‘Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?‘ and ‘Who can see what others post on your timeline?

timeline and tagging 2

There are other settings you can fiddle with here too. Go on and have a play, it won’t bite.

timeline and taggingIf you want to restrict access to your past and future posts, click the ‘Privacy‘ item on the left menu and adjust the items ‘Who can see my stuff?‘.

If you want to restrict who can contact you or even find you, you can adjust the settings under this in the sections ‘Who can contact me?‘ and ‘Who can look me up?

You can also block pages, ads and users from annoying you under the ‘Blocking‘ menu. Another setting worth mentioning here is the ‘Notifications‘ menu. In here you can adjust what and who sends you notifications, and that’s basically it.  Told you it was simple didn’t I? Until next time, have a good week.

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