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If you’re like me; listening to the radioair guitar is a mixed bag. With the crooning pubescent teenage boy bands soaking the airways with what I’ll call music simply due to politeness and not merit and the annoying, sometimes deviant DJs that just seem to go on and on, it seems enough right? Yet there’s also the ads! I sometimes wonder, do they just mean to annoy me or is it really an honest but inept attempt to sell me something I don’t want or can’t afford. Just when I’m about to give up the endeavor, change stations or eject the unit through the nearest window I’m both pacified and prevented by that song I like. So I rock it and croak out the lyrics myself to the pain of anyone nearby until the moment is over and we’re back to the boy bands, desperate DJs and never ending ads.  Want a solution? What if you could pick your genres (i.e. rock, blues etc) and artists while ditching the DJs and ads? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could also fast forward a song, or play it again like you can on your i-thing?  Well you can, it’s called internet radio, at it’ll change your life!

Enter Grooveshark*. It’s free, fantastic and even has a cool name. You can choose whatever genre floats your boat, and make as many playlists as you want. But it’s way more than that; it’s a social media site. Think what would happen if Facebook and Itunes got together. Well apart from the Apple fraternity spitting the dummy and renaming it something beginning with ‘i’; think what we’d have. Facebook music right? You’re on the way to getting Grooveshark* which by the way is a way cooler name than anyone at Apple or Facebook could have ever come up with. By the way Grooveshark* is ‘open’ which Apple will never be.


Making your own playlists in Grooveshark

In the 70s; I’m ashamed to admit, my friends and I would listen to the radio stations, record our favorite songs onto tape cassettes (when they came on) and share them. Incidentally waiting for our favourite songs wasn’t such a big deal because music was better then anyway. Okay we also taped our voices and pretended to be DJs which passed the time too, but we we’re 10, tablets were what you took when you were sick and the word video hadn’t been invented yet. Games were electrifying in the context of monopoly (Which I’ve always maintained should have been called monotony!) Well 40 years later we can do it again; without the DJ thing cause I know it’s not cool now, and without tape decks, cassettes or waiting for the right song to come on.

You can sign up to Grooveshark* for free which then enables you to create and share playlists, build collections, tag favorites and follow artists.  A collection is your personal library on Grooveshark*, favorites is a group within your collection and playlists are separate lists of songs you have organized for quick playback.

You can follow your friends on Grooveshark* and see what they’re listening too and you can share any song you find with others.

You needn’t be concerned about artists getting paid either as Grooveshark* is legit and has licensing arrangements to provide fair compensation to artists. So how is it all paid? You can opt to upgrade your account to an ad free version for a small fee,  otherwise the site runs ads. Thankfully the ads are merely visual so you can ignore them without much trouble. Another bonus apart from being free, fully customizable and fun, there’s no DJs! Now things are really looking up.

(Editor’s note: Unfortunately Grooveshark together with its cool name has ceased operating due to some pesky legal trouble. Apparently my assertions in this 2015 blog that it was fully legit were not entirely accurate…whoops sorry about that. Thankfully there are alternatives to Gooveshark of which much of the above information is relevant.  To view alternatives click here.)

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