Even More Totally Free Stuff On The Net – Part 1

In previous posts I’ve introduced a variety of free things you can do on the net.  I haven’t by any means mentioned everything, the most interesting or even the most useful. In this post and possibly the next few posts  I’m going to tell you about a whole lot of other free stuff, you might never have heard before.

Ambient Sounds

This is so totally cool I just had to share it. As I write, I’m listening to birds and crickets like I’m siting in a field somewhere. Try asoftmurmur.com, it’s quite something. You can adjust what you hear and how loud it is, the choices are rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, birds, crickets, coffee shop, singing bowl and white noise, any combination of these or the whole lot.

Automatic Alerts

Although I freely admit it’s my own fault and the results of a misspent youth; short term memory loss can be a real inconvenience.  Do you, like me forget to check some things? Enter into the frame IFTTT.com (If This Then That). This is a website you can easily program to remind you stuff. For example in the screenshot I’ve told it that if the forecast tomorrow is for rain, send me an email. It means I can get on with life and forget with confidence to check the weather, because IFTTT will do it for me. Lazy? Perhaps… Useful? Definitely.  Have a look around and you’ll see all sorts of possibilities.


A Self Destructing Email Address

10minutemailLets be honest sometimes we go to sign up for something on the net and hesitate when giving our email address. You know there’s going to be a flood of spam to follow but you really want to sign up for paper clip monthly or whatever.  What to do?  Here’s an interesting site, 10minutemail.com which will give you a free email address that will self destruct in 10 minutes. This is a fully functioning email address with a count down! Kind of reminds me of the old Mission Impossible TV show with the self destructing tape recorders!

Free Counsel

If you need someone to talk to, maybe 7cupsoftea.com will help. Although I wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement to the Bible (I’m not kidding), sincere wise friends or qualified professionals (in that order too); it may help in some areas . Anyway it’s free and worth a look. The site will actually let you connect with a ‘listener’ although I’m unsure as to the real nature of this and clearly their genuine interest is probably not there, least you can vent anonymously if you really need to obviously within the realms of good manners though. (Be careful of revealing confidential matters to unknown persons)

Something For the Nerd – The Console Living Room

Remember back to the early eighties? Perhaps we were from the poor side of the tracks because we still had black and white TV and video games were what my friends had. Forward a few years and like most teenagers of the time I was dutifully trudging down to the arcade and regularly depositing 20 cent pieces into a machine for a few minutes of gaming pleasure. (It was only ever a few minutes per coin because I was appallingly hopeless!) It was so cutting edge back then, obviously today’s deal blows it into the weeds, but if you’re the nostalgic type, check out The Console Living Room for your favorite childhood game. You’ll even probably be able to play it once more. (It  probably will only be once because you’ll likely discover for the first time how lame it really was!)

Defender - looked so good in the 80???

Defender – looked so good in the 80???

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