Even More Totally Free Stuff On The Net – Part 2

Well it’s that time again, and as promised here’s yet more totally free stuff from the net you’ll at least find interesting; and some, but not all useful.


This is touted as one of the most addictive websites around. The site has more than 1 million unique visitors every day!  So what is? Well it’s basically a giant forum covering everything, some useful some just plain stupid.  When I was doing a course in computer science through Harvard (yeah I know… I’m a geek), some of the programming problems I just couldn’t get my head around. (Syntax and semantics are easy, it’s the algebraic math problems I struggle with!)  Reddit was a great place to interact with other programmers and get help. But Reddit is not just a hive for nerds and geeks. There’s news, funny stuff, movie books and other commentary which is all very diverting and of course free.


The Useless Web

useless-websiteWe all know there’s so much rubbish on the web. Well some bright spark with too much time on their hands decided the world needed a website to feature it all! The Uselessweb functions like StumbleUpon , but only finds useless websites. Have a go; despite the obvious time wastability here,  it’s really quite distracting albeit useless. It’s guaranteed to have you shaking your head in no time. I find it reassuring to know that there are more demented people out there than me.

Mental Floss

Do you know someone who seems to be a walking encyclopedia for all sorts of random but interesting facts?  Mental Floss is a very interesting place they might visit for their source material. There’s categories from science and history to quizzes and amazing facts. You’ll be bound to at least learn something you didn’t know and may even impress someone special.



GeoGuesser as the name suggests;  is really a game whereby you’re shown a random street view from Google maps and then have to guess its whereabouts on a map of earth. You then get points based on your proximity to the real location. This could be a cool party game with a few friends too.

Where Cool Things Happen

wherecoolthingshappenThis has got to be one of the most diverting sites I’ve yet seen and my pick for this week. Where Cool Things Happen contains a daily selection of… well cool things. In just a few minutes I found 19 breathtaking aerial panoramas. The sort that would look so cool as a desktop background. Then without trying there were these amazing vases by an Hawaiian artist duo that look like waves. (I never want much but I want one of these!). Given my easily distracted nature, I soon found my self watching a fascinating video by Danny Cooke set to the music of Hannah Miller and featuring the ghost town of Pripyat, Chernobyl.  Watch out for this site you really are going to be distracted!

And on that note, I better get back to work. That’s all for this week, have play and enjoy. Remember to like this post unless you hate it. Actually if you hate it, like it anyway for the effort it takes! See you all next week when we’ll finish this section on cool free websites.

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