Yet More Totally Free Stuff On The Net – Part 3

Well here we are at the end of the third week where I’ve been showing you some cool free stuff on the net. As promised this is the final installment of this three part post; enjoy.

Wonder How To

Ever Wonder How To….?  Well here’s the site you need.  Obviously it’ll have some limitations. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a time machine for example, you’ll have to keep wondering. There’s a stack of categories from various tablets, and operating systems to food hacks and my favorite… pranks!



2Sleep is another of those maddeningly diverting sites that features rather random and bizarre blogs and articles from around the world.  There was one I found interesting right away that deals with unofficial new words like nonversation (n) a completely worthless conversation; small talk.  Don’t know if they’ll ever get accepted into Oxford or Websters, but it was interesting nonetheless. Then there was an article about the benefits of beer (like we need justification) and some unfortunate people with parents they probably want to throttle who’d given them names like Edward Cocaine, a Sydney girl called Isis and a French woman who was denied entry to the US due to her name sounding like Al Qaeda.


Cracked is a similar site with interesting articles, blogs and videos, but like 2Sleep; some of the content might be a bit dodgy so be warned.


Sorry girls Uncrate is touted as the ultimate gadget guide for men although in reality there’s stuff there for everyone. From a Swiss army…er…watch to a Swedish supercar, if you’ve got mountains of cash, or just want to look, this is a cool site to have a sticky beak. I even found a 3D printing pancake maker…yeah I know…Whaaat?

Google Fonts

As a graphic designer I’m often looking for fonts to suit a particular purpose. Being what some consider tight, (I call it prudent) I tend to look for free fonts before parting with money I then have to pass on to a client.  Google Fonts is a large collection of free fonts that’ll be useful should you ever need to download a font.



Online OCR

OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition.  Usually files from the web like PDFs aren’t something you can change in a word processor. Without boring you as to why, if you want to edit a PDF or similar, you’ll need to convert it with a converter. Here’s where Online OCR is really useful; if you don’t have a converter you can use this free online version.  The free unregistered service allows you to convert 15 images per hour. The registered version gives you ability to convert multi-page documents


Hundred Zeros

Not to sure about the idea behind the name, but hundredzeros is an excellent place to find free kindle books.  Don’t have a kindle? Get the kindle app for your device from Amazon for free.




Ever heard a cool song on the radio, and begged pointlessly for the dj to tell you who it was; which of course he didn’t? Midomi is a useful site that lets you click and sing or hum the tune. It’ll use your voice then to find a match. I’d didn’t try this because I usually listen to ABC radio and they always have the decency to let you know what the name of the song is, its artist, the key, place of recording and the studio cleaner’s mother’s best friend; hey its the ABC!  Besides I’m likely to break the site with my voice!


With the advent of email and texting, facsimile is quickly becoming a quaint thing we used to do. However some businesses do, from time to time require you to fax them; ironically it usually seems to be financial institutions. Ones we kind of expect to run state-of-the-art-21st-century security; go figure.  Chances are like at least half the population you don’t have a fax machine or a landline you can fax through. Well you don’t need one because Faxzero provides a free service. There’s some annoying branding on the cover page a maximum page count and limit to the number of faxes you can send in a day, but it’s free. The paid version removes these nuances.

Youtube in TV Mode

Likely you’re familiar with YouTube. Click here to watch videos in TV mode, that’s on a full screen without endlessly having to maximize the videos.

Hope you found some of those sites useful, until next time, enjoy your week and please remember to like this post.

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