Windows Broke, How Do I Fix It?

w7flameoutIn Windows 8 and on, Microsoft presumably built into the system the expectation that it would eventually fail and you’d need a solution; the only thing you need to figure out is whether to reset it or simply refresh it. In previous versions (7 and back) there seems to be a kind of blatant denial of what we all know is the inevitable. If you’re running one of these older operating systems and it falls over itself you probably need to call a pro.

Back for though with Windows 8; reset is the heavy duty option, resetting your operating system back to its default settings. All apps and personalized settings will be history and you’ll need the Windows product key. (As a future tip, I write onto the back of CDs the product keys.) Refresh on the other hand, is the soft option which keeps your apps and settings and doesn’t pester you for the product key.

First thing you should do though,  if at all possible is back up your files to a different disk. In a worst case scenario where Windows has completely dropped the ball and you can’t even get into it, you might also need to get a pro to rescue your files.

So How Does One Reset or Refresh Windows 8

(In Windows 8) Go to the Charms bar  then choose Settings and then Change PC Settings then General and scroll down to the refresh section.  To refresh choose Refresh your PC without affecting your files. To reset choose Remove everything and reinstall Windows. Choose the get started button to begin either process and follow the prompts.

refresh windows 1

To reset or refresh when you’re unable to restart Windows 8, insert the Windows DVD and boot the PC. You’ll see the same two options either Refresh your PC and Reset your PC and follow the instructions on the screen.


refresh windows 2


For Windows 10 the procedure might be a little different, however due to time constraints this week I couldn’t find out what they might be. Have a good week.

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