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Tired of sifting through mountains of jive, confused_facejokers and juveniles looking for answers to common questions? Maybe you’re just sick of getting ripped off by big business or like many wander into the nearest superstore, stupefied, wondering what you need and reluctantly heeding the very ‘unbiased’ advice of the 18 something salesperson?

I’d like to help. Having been in the industry since the early 90s, I’ve been at the receiving end of rip-offs and cons along with the numerous times the computer nearly made it out the window after refusing to play ball.

This feature is growing every week. Hopefully other geeks like me will also freely contribute their time for the greater good. So feel free to browse. If you choose to follow the page in your choice of social media you’ll also receive updates when a new post is added.

If you’ve got an idea, question or both, let me know. Though I can’t promise you I’ll write a post on it, I will read it and help you out.