It’s not rocket science that If you have a confuse - rocket sciencebusiness you need a website like an astronaut needs air. If you’re into selling just about anything, not using the web makes about as much sense as fitting a screen door to a submarine. Okay enough with the metaphors.

You’d probably agree though that just knowing you need a website, or that you should be trading on the net when you’re not can be frustrating. Well it’s the age of the geek and they’re out for revenge. Now if you don’t care about parting with wads of cash for an overpriced and unprofessional services, then don’t read on, there’s probably a ‘computer guy’ somewhere near you who will happily divest you of your earnings in exchange for unfulfilled promises and exaggerated expectations.

On the other hand, if you think you deserve honesty, integrity and extensive experience you might not need to look anywhere else.  At any rate you should expect your ‘computer guy’ to adhere to the strict international standards and worlds best practices in online commerce. What you get should be fully tested, viewable on any platform or device (including mobiles) and guaranteed operational prior to launch.  Anything less is going to be an expensive hassle. Please give me a call to get things rolling.